Why I Can’t Be a Feminist

I want to be one, I really do.  I, of course, believe in equality of the sexes; equal pay, equal rights, equal opportunities, equal respect.  That is not necessarily what I am referring to in my post title.  I am forewarning you, this may be a negative post, but heartbreak after heartbreak will do that to a person.

32453025545_688b01ed99_hI read these articles about powerful women in Hollywood who are feminists.  They talk about how women treat each other, how we are here to build each other up.  To support each other, be there for one another through good times and bad.  I just don’t see that.  I am appalled on a daily basis by the way females treat each other.  I’m always inspired after reading the articles about, and interviews with, women such as Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon- to name just a few.  They all have the right idea.  But I can’t help but wonder if they actually witness this strong feminine companionship first hand, or if they are just wishing like I do.  Maybe life in Hollywood truly is different.  But down here on the ground- women do not support each other.  They do not build each other up, they tear each other down at all costs.

20171121_161450Women cause body image issues.  I have incredibly low self esteem.  I was that girl that as a teen all the way through young adulthood,  you know the one- cute boobs, hard abs, healthy skin…  that was then, this is now.  I not only gave birth to two kids, but I was very sick (Hyperemesis) throughout both pregnancies, so my metabolism got all screwed up.  I lost almost 50 pounds during pregnancy, gave birth, and put my skinny jeans on with a belt to hold them up.  Then , I ate a sandwich and I gained 100 pounds.  Thing is, I am still not obese, but I am bigger than I would like to be.  Plus, I am getting older.  Stress does a number on my skin on a weekly basis… I think you get the point.  Every magazine and morning show host will tell me to love my body and that I am beautiful- but real women in real life??  Not so much.  I can honestly say that not a day goes by (unless I stay buried in my house, alone, like I wish I could always do) without a fellow female commenting on my weight.  Or my hair.  Or my skin.  Sometimes they try to say something nice, like how women my size can look good too.  Sometimes they throw themselves in on it: “Women like us who like to eat and are fat….”  So, it may not always be intentionally evil, but either way- attention is brought to my weight/looks every single day.  Why?  Why does it matter that much to other girls what I weigh or look like?  Get over it!  Stop claiming that men focus too much on how we look, when it is actually us that apparently care too much about our appearances.  I rarely hear a man say anything about my weight.  Sure there is an ass hole here and there- but the odds are far less.  Guys do say things, but it comes from other women far more often.  And I can’t help but wonder, if we would stop putting so much focus on our looks, maybe men would follow suit.  We may never know…

I will always have a very hard time telling my daughter that her weight doesn’t matter and that its not all about looks.   Is that even true?  I lied about Santa, that’s bad enough.  But she is going to be a teenager soon.  Of course, I will always love her the same whether she becomes a Supermodel or is the next subject on “My 600 Lb Life”.  And she will always be able to find a man- the majority of real men tend to appreciate the female body no matter what.  And she won’t have to worry about the “other” men that put her down or only care about her body and not her sparkling personality, because I will have killed them the second their truth showed through.  But you know what she will have to worry about?  Women.  When she walks into a room full of people, who will be judging her based on her size, her breasts, her clothes, her makeup, and her hair?  Women.  Immediately.  And they will treat her accordingly.  Unfortunately she can have all of the above perfectly in place, and they still will treat her like shit out of jealousy.  It’s a lose- lose situation amongst girls.  Not to mention, her life will be harder if she doesn’t grow to be what this world considers “attractive”.  She will have to work 5 times as hard for what other girls will have just handed to them.  She will have to be smart (she will be anyway, but that’s not the point).  She will do the same job, maybe even better than the other girls, and make less money.  I am speaking from experience. All of this will be a moot point, as I am confident my daughter is one of the pretty ones… but I’d still like her to be aware of how it is so that she isn’t one of “those” pretty girls…


I know girls that preach about feminism, and then turn around and slut shame me because I have nice breasts.  Isn’t that a little counterproductive?  I had a girl angrily message me earlier this week that I look like a hooker because I have cleavage. (she didn’t put it as kindly, but I’ll keep this blog post somewhat decent). She told me if I don’t want there to be rumors of me sleeping around, then I need to cover up.  How does that even make sense?  When did breasts become such horrible things?  They used 20171121_161108to be a symbol of beauty and femininity.   Now, fellow women are appalled by them.  They represent vulgarity and a negative sexuality (because for some reason any sexuality in a female is considered negative???).  I have even been told by a friend that if I want girls to like me I need to start wearing shirts that go all the way up to my neck.  That is really sad.  That’s all I can say about that.

Now, some words regarding gossip. Gossip is perhaps the hardest thing for me to tolerate when it comes to how women treat each other.  There is no trust.  Two girls that are the best of friends will talk bad behind each other’s backs.  It drives me crazy!  Then those two girls will talk together about the other girl.  Often about things that aren’t even true.  Just gossip.  And bashing.  So much hatred even when they “love” each other.  And again- there is no trust.  You cannot tell a female something without it being repeated.  Even after she swears up and down she will never repeat it.  We all need to be able to open up and talk to someone, so why do women do this to each other?  And they search for the opportunity to do this, even if there is not something solid to run and tell.  As the one girl goes on and on spilling her heart out, it’s almost as if the recipient is thinking “Oh my god I can’t believe she just said that, I can’t wait to tell someone, there has to be someone I can tell, maybe I can go to the bathroom and call Kathy, haha I can’t wait to tell her, I mean there has to be some way for me to use this information against her, there has to be, this is excellent, I mean…all she said is that she really likes Italian food but there HAS to be SOMEWAY for me to turn this into juicy gossip…” all while telling the girl “Oh, honey…I am here for you.  Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, I love you…”.  Bullshit.  And by the way- if your girlfriend keeps repeating to you things others trusted her with, and trash talks about them to you…  you can bet your ass she treats you with the same amount of love and respect the second you walk out of the room.



What good does fighting for equality do us when we continue to treat each other like garbage?  To be a true feminist, it seems we really need to start with some ground work.  Imagine how much more of a wave we could make on real issues if we were truly a united sex?  Even on a smaller scale- imagine how much happier we could be if we actually had the support of one another in our daily lives?

This was a pretty negative post to write.  I do believe in the importance of having a positive outlook on things, but sometimes reality has to be faced, and talked about.  Readers may disagree with the things I have said, but I feel these things because of the experiences I have had with people myself.  Also, bartending has changed my view on a lot of things because I am forced to stand there quietly behind the bar and actually observe the things that people do and say to each other.  I am well aware there are good women out there, selfless, positive beings that wish nothing but the best for the fellow women in their lives.  But unfortunately, I’ve noticed as of late that these types seem to be far and few between.

You may not agree with me, but everyone has their truth, and this is mine.





High Five for Friday!

Linking up, for the first time in a long time, with this great blogger here for this week’s High Five for Friday post!  Be sure to check out her amazing blog and the other link ups!
Here are 5 highlights from my week:
1. Mom’s Night!  Last Friday night I was fortunate enough to be included in a really fun get together that was arranged for moms in our school district.  It was so nice to spend time with fellow moms WITHOUT it having to be a school function or volunteer opportunity!  We had dinner, margaritas, saw the new “Bad Moms Christmas” movie at the theater, and then drinks after.  Someone in every district should be arranging this sort of thing.


2. Murder on the Orient Express.  Saturday night I met up with my mom, her husband, and my 12 year old brothers to see this flick.  It was a fun, well scripted murder mystery that we all loved!  Definitely worth checking out.   Felt like a fun version of the board game “Clue”.


3. Deadly Manners. Speaking of whodunit mysteries, I have been listening to the Deadly Manners podcast.  I caught up with all the episodes throughout this week, and am now anxiously awaiting what I believe will be the finale next Tuesday.  This is my first experience with podcasts, and I may be addicted.  It’s nice to have entertainment I can get involved in while relaxing with my eyes closed.  It is a much different experience than tv- and I love using my imagination to picture the scenes as I listen along.  What a fun cast too!  Give it a try if you haven’t already!  Feels like yet another fun version of the board game “Clue”, which I highly enjoy!

4. Conferences!  Both my kiddos had exceptionally good parent/teacher conferences on Monday!  I couldn’t feel more proud!

5.  Hello, my name is Kristina.  And I am a Lipsense addict.  I blame my sister in law comSnapchat-256550827pletely.  I was never even big on wearing lipstick in the first place, but this stuff is so wonderful I can’t seem to stop ordering more colors!  The quality can’t be beat, and it really does stay on ALL DAY.  I love mixing colors and have managed to even try bold colors that I never thought I’d wear.  Love!

(seen here on the right, Story is wearing Apple Cider x3 with Gold Glitter gloss)


That’s all for now folks.  Thanks for visiting and have a great week!


Last Week’s Five For Friday!

I do not know what happened- I THOUGHT I posted this on Friday…  but apparently I didn’t.  Hmmmm…..   I will eventually get the hang of this again, I promise.  Since it was already prepared, I am posting it now, but skipping the usual link up.  Next Friday I will actually press “publish”, and I will also partake in the link up.  I promise.  Hopefully.

High Five for Friday!!!

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a great week!  Here are 5 great things from the week on my end:

1.  Meal Prep!  I got together with a few great friends for a meal prep party recently,


and my family has been loving the meals we made!  We drank wine, had great conversation, and I left fully prepared for 20 meals and a couple extras.  Plus, did I mention that we drank wine?

The busyness of the Holiday Season is swiftly approaching, and it has been so helpful to have very delicious meals all ready for us.  All I have to do is defrost, and slow cook (some are stove top but just as simple to prepare).  So far, we have eaten Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chicken & Wild Rice Soup, Chicken Sandwich Wraps, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Chicken Fajitas,  and the best Meatloaf I have ever tasted!  All without having to go shopping or spend precious time in the kitchen.  Sooooo nice… and we still have so many more meals to enjoy!

2.  Cousin Karaoke.  I randomly got a facebook message from my cousin Melodie, whom I hadn’t seen in FAR too long, asking if I would be interested in driving down to see her on Saturday for drinks and Karaoke.  Um… YES!  She got some friends together, I grabbed my parents, and we met at a bar down in the town that I grew up in (Woodstock, IL).  It was worth the long drive.  We had a blast, and sang our hearts out!!!  It was so great to see her, meet new people, and have a drama free night of fun- which is something I rarely see nowadays.


3.  This Kerry Washington quote from Allure Magazine:


Something I have always struggled with.

4.  Halloween Costumes!  Okay, okay….  These obviously weren’t from this week, they were from last.  BUT!  I wasn’t blogging yet at that point and I really want to show them off!  My kids had so much fun with their costumes this year.  My daughter was an Eagle:


My son, on the other hand, wanted to make his own costume, with his own stuff… and this is what he came up with:


Well….  10 points for Originality!

While I’m at it, since I wasn’t “here” last Halloween, I’ll share last year’s costumes too!

Story was a scary Voodoo Doll:


Carter wanted to be Oliver Queen, Green Arrow (more specifically, Green Arrow from the show “Arrow”).  We went all out, and ordered a custom made costume from a Seamstress, and it was well worth it!  He was so happy. 🙂  (side note:  this costume is for sale, so let me know if this is something that any of you are interested in!  It is far too perfect to only be used once!)

FB_IMG_1510330796168   FB_IMG_1510330793423

20171023_1606245.  Black and White Facebook Challenge.  
I don’t always get into the facebook challenges that get passed around, but I really enjoyed the Black & White Photo Challenge (7 days, 7 black and white photos from your life, no people, no explanations).   I love still seeing everyone else’s pictures they are posting. Here are the one’s that I used:

20171019_150628  20171023_103531   20171027_205032  20171024_15565920171025_182309  20171025_205849

Thanks for visiting!  Have a fantastic week!


I’m Back!

I looked up one of my own blog posts recently to show a friend, and it got me thinking…  maybe I should start writing again!  I would love to say that I don’t really know why I stopped blogging in the first place, but that would be a lie.  Truth is, some tragic things happened not very long after my last blog post that caused me to shut down in more ways than one.  I will, in time, go into all of that – but for now- I am excited to say I AM BACK!  I didn’t have a million followers in the first place, but I appreciated the ones I did have – and even more so I loved the way blogging made me feel.  Even if it were a post that no one would appreciate or read all the way through- the benefits I received by writing it made it well worth it.  And I could use some more good in my life- so here I am!


So much good and bad has happened to me and my family over the last year and a half.   We’ve seen a million shows, comedians, and concerts (Amy Schumer, Steve Martin & Martin Short, Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan, Flight of the Concords, Annie, Phantom of the Opera, Hamilton, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran… seriously – the list goes on- we have been well-entertained), went on many vacations (I’ll post about those for sure), had job changes, and changed our home decor.  We have celebrated Holidays, Anniversaries, and Birthdays.  My daughter Story took up horse back riding, and my son Carter has been doing great in Baseball.  Speaking of Baseball- we went to Opening Day at Miller Park and were lucky enough to visit the stadium a lot in the last two Summers.  I made many very correct Oscars! predictions, as you know from previous posts that I like to do.  😉  The Leftovers came to an end on HBO, that was hard to take.  We have been overusing our Vacation Ownership, which was bought out by Holiday Inn (a GREAT change for our family!).  I once again did the Polar Plunge last Winter.  That was, well, cold.

The point is… life has been very full!  I will tell you more all about it in the posts to come!  And I will open up as well about the tragedies that have struck our family.

Today I updated some of the menu options on my blog.  I want to keep a lot of things the same, but add some as well.  I will pick back up on posting my Stampin’ Up! and other craft projects as I used to in my “Stampin’ on a Saturday” posts.  I will also continue my “High Five on Friday” posts, as the ounce of positivity to wrap up the week was always refreshing.  Of course I will do as many “Wiener Wednesday” posts as possible to give my Dachshund owning followers their fix!  (The majority of my followers in the past were either here for the crafts or the doxies.)  I will also use my blog to post about life at home: kids, cooking, the house….etc.  But here is something new:  I added a Category called “My Truths”.  There are things I used to somewhat refrain from talking about on here that I no longer want to hold back on.  For my own good, and also to reach out to anyone else that may be having some of the same experiences.  Issues that have risen due to my upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness, things I have experienced due to being assaulted…  stuff of that nature.  Maybe I’ll even touch on current events, or things that make me feel disgust.  You may not agree with the things I write in this category, and that is okay.  Everyone has their own Truth, and I will be writing about mine.

Thanks for reading!

The Oscars!!!!

This is one of my favorite times of year- and the best part of Awards Season- OSCAR SUNDAY!  Last year I had fun with my Oscar Predictions post, so I thought I would write one up this year as well. 🙂  My kids, of course, have not seen too many of the nominated films- but they too are still excited to watch the Ceremony with me.  We are going to have tons of food, and beverages, and ballots to fill out…  They have to pick randomly, obviously, but there will be prizes for correct answers and a winner in the end!  I do wish I was at the Oscars, watching it in person.  It’s hard to believe it was only a couple of months ago I stood outside that theater, fantasizing about what it would be like to attend the Academy Awards. But, since that cannot happen, I will be content watching it and celebrating with the loves of my life!

academy_award_trophyThere was far too much upset this year after the nominations were announced.  I don’t understand how people can say there wasn’t enough diversity amongst the nominees- why should people be selected based on race at all?  I thought the Academy was to look at actual performances here???  Will Smith has been nominated in the past (he was beat out in 2001 by Denzel Washington, and in 2006 by Forest Whitaker)- so how could they claim that he wasn’t nominated this year because the Academy primarily chooses white actors?  I am sure he did an amazing job, he is a very talented actor, but is it possible that others simply did better?  That is all I will say about that…

Along with my commentary below, my predictions will be in italics.  I like to choose two for each category on my personal ballot- who I want to win, and who I think will win, as they aren’t always the same.  There were so many good films this year!  Before the Academy Awards, I try and see most, if not all, of the nominated films and performances.

B E S T  S U P P O R T I N G  A C T O R

christian-bale-300The Awards Ceremony will be starting out with a tough category this year.  Mark Ruffalo is amazing in every role he plays, and Spotlight is no exception.  I always find him very convincing as his characters.  I didn’t see Creed, so it is hard for me to judge Sylvester Stallone, but I can’t help but feel he was possibly nominated just out of respect.  I do believe he will take home the Oscar though, as everyone seems to love his story and how far he has come since his nomination almost 40 years ago.  I felt Mark Rylance was good in Bridge of Spies, and I know that most experts predict a win for him, but his performance just didn’t stand out to me as much as the others.  Tom Hardy was incredible in the Revenant, but I really wish to see Christian Bale take home the statue.  He seems to be able to take on so many different forms, he reminds me of a Chameleon.  In The Big Short, it didn’t feel like I was watching the same guy that played Batman, that’s for sure.

B E S T  S U P P O R T I N G  A C T R E S S 

Alicia2I was watching The Danish Girl when I thought to myself; how could Alicia Vikander not get nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role?  She blew me away!  Of course, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized long after the fact that she actually was given a nomination.  I really want to see her win, and I also believe that she will.   If I were to choose a second favorite, I would have to go with Jennifer Jason Leigh for her role in The Hateful Eight.  That came out of nowhere, and I did not expect to care for her in that movie.  A lot of her scenes and delivered lines caused me to actually say “Holy Crap” out loud in the theater (my apologies to the guy in front of me).  Rooney Mara really did nothing for me in Carol- I didn’t find her part believable at all.  I love Rachel McAdams, and she did great in Spotlight, but the role didn’t feel near as challenging as the roles of her contenders, and a lot of times it felt just a little too scripted.  I am a fan of Kate Winslet’s as well, and part of me thinks she will win The-Hateful-Eight-Jennifer-Jason-Leigh-e1450715231983the award just because of her history with this sort of thing- that being said- I don’t think she should.  There were scenes in Steve Jobs in which she was incredible- and then others not so much.  And I don’t understand why she had a strong accent in one scene, then lost the accent in the next, only to have it again 5 minutes later???

B E S T  A C T O R

MV5BMTU0MjEyNzQyM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTc4ODUxOQ@@._V1_UX214_CR0,0,214,317_AL_.jpgPredicting winners for the leading roles are even more difficult.  I would say I’ll sleep on it, but I have already been contemplating this for quite sometime, and tomorrow is the big day!  Can I please just pick three favorites, and can those three please have an Oscar of their own to bring to their after parties tomorrow night?  No???  Fine.  Bryan Cranston was sure a different man that Walter White in his leading role in Trumbo, and he pulled it off fantastically!  He was the best thing about the film by far.  Everyone loves Matt Damon no matter what he does.  If he wins, I can’t wait to see what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about it.  Hell- if he loses I can’t wait to see what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about it.  Michael Fassbender- oh my good lord his dialogue as Steve Jobs was smart and his delivery was unbeatable!  Give him the Oscar!  Wait… hold on a second.  Truth be told Eddie Redmayne deserves the Oscar.  He was absolutely flawless in The Danish Girl.  I predicted a win for him last year, and he won… I want to see him win again.  What are the chances that he could deliver such unbelievably moving performances two years in a row?  Okay this is hard- because Leonardo DiCaprio also deserves to win in this category.  And not just because he has lost so many times and it is somehow “owed” to him.  His misery and suffering in The Revenant  had me feeling actual physical pain.  Argh.  Let them all win!  Since I HAVE to pick someone – I will predict that Leonardo will finally get his win.  Or Eddie will.  No- Leo.  I think it will be Leo. 422817_original-jpg.jpg

B E S T  A C T R E S S

I love you Cate Blanchett, I really do, but I simply felt that there was a thing or two lacking in Carol- possibly not in your performance as much as how you were being directed- I don’t know.  But I just can’t offer this win up to you personally.  Charlotte Rampling I cannot 0cf614c1_edit_img_image_88_1416727455_BrieLarson.xxlargejudge, as I did not see 45 years.  Strangely it never came to a theater near me, nor was it released on DVD prior to the Oscars.  So not my fault.  Jennifer Lawrence did outstanding in Joy, and she may be privy to the award simply because she is always a favorite amongst the people that matter.  Saoirse Ronan is young, she will have plenty of time to win this award.  She was great in Brooklyn, no doubt, but I think it will just be too hard to beat out Brie Larson’s performance in The Room!  I felt for her character through the entire story.  She did an amazing job causing my heart to be ripped out from my chest.  Thanks for that.  She deserves the Oscar, and I think she will get it!  (okay she was cute as Amy Schumer’s sister in Trainwreck too- but that’s on a whole different level than this performance.)

C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y 


My jaw was dropped during 98.2% of The Revenant, purely due to the Cinematography.  It is up against Carol, The Hateful Eight, Mad Max, and Sicario.  Sicario is getting a lot of votes in magazine articles, and Mad Max is definitely a contender as well, but if The Revenant doesn’t win I may slap someone.  I have never seen such beautifully unique filming!  I can’t even put it into words- you must see it to understand.  Plus if he wins, Emmanuel Lubezki will be the first to get a three-peat.  I believe that to be true anyhow- I am too tired and it’s too late for me to fact check that.  But if I remember correctly- he would be the first?  Either way that would be awesome.  He won for Gravity, then the following year (last year) for Birdman.   He takes the art a step further each time, and far beyond what others have done.  And the Award goes to….

B E S T  P I C T U R E

And now the big one.  Personally, the Actor/Actress categories are more exciting to me, but this is the one everyone waits all evening for I suppose.  So many great films this year, and I was lucky enough to have been able to see all of the nominated pictures.  The Martian was cute, and funny, yet emotional at times as well.  Mad Max was exciting, and different, and fun to watch.  I loved how fast paced it was.  Brooklyn was a feel good story, with great acting- and would be a great book to read.  It offered great insight into the life of an Irish Immigrant that I otherwise would not have known the first thing about.  The love story within was very sweet and hard not to fall for.  Bridge of Spies was an interesting subject as well, although it didn’t grab me as the others did, it was still a good History lesson.  The Big Short made me angry and frightened at the same time- I cannot believe how much I learned that I now wish I didn’t understand.  The acting was right on throughout, and there really were a LOT of great performances within.  The script was smooth and quick witted (although not near as good as Steve Jobs-yet no nomination there for Best Picture).  Spotlight shed light on yet another hard to handle subject.  This one hurt in the pit of my stomach, knowing the things that happened and how they were covered up.  Everyone did a great job in this film.  I believe The Big Short will win, with Spotlight being it’s greatest contender.  But what film I would like to win is a different story.  I wish either The Room or The Revenant would win.  The Room was my favorite of all the nominated films, and The Hateful Eight, but again- no nomination there either).  The Room is emotional, and really tears at your heart.  It tells the story of a mom and her son that were held captive, and I love that it focuses so much on how things are seen from the young boy’s eyes- after never having seen the outside world before their escape.  There were scenes in this movie in which I was literally gripping the armrest and saying things out loud, such as “GO! GO!!!”  I became very emotionally involved.  The Revenant was brutal, and heartbreaking.  A lot of dialogue wasn’t even necessary to cause you to become fully invested in the story line.  The battle scenes are like nothing I have ever seen before.  Prepare yourself for violence and gore…   but it was all necessary in this case.


I believe Alejandro G. Inarritu, after winning last year for Best Director (Birdman) will win again this year (The Revenant).  That would be a big deal to take home consecutive Oscars in the Directing category, as no one has done that for over 50 years!  Costume Design either needs to go to The Revenant or The Danish Girl, the latter being my vote.  I hope to see Inside Out win for Animated Feature Film, just because I loved it so much.  Let’s talk about Screenplays!  I feel adamant that The Big Short should win for Best Adapted, and that either Spotlight or Inside Out should win for Best Original.  I cannot believe that Steve Jobs was not nominated for Best Screenplay, with its incredible, witty, fast dialogue.  

No matter who wins in what category… I will be happy as a clam tomorrow.  I love watching the Awards Ceremony!  I love the fashion, the jokes, the excitement, the moments, the speeches, the tears, the emotion….  Have fun at your Oscar Parties everyone!  Good luck to all of the amazing people nominated!

If you are like a large percentage of Americans, and you do not wish to see all of the Oscar Nominated Films- I still suggest you at least see The Room, The Hateful Eight, and Steve Jobs.  Oh, and The Revenant.  But really, you should probably just see them all.  

Naughty Stampin’ Up! Cards

Do not continue to look at this blog post if you get offended easily… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Each year I like to make a funny card for my husband for Valentines’ Day.  I figure he likes that more than just some sweet mushy sentimental card. Hehe.  Plus- they are fun to do!

Two years ago I started this “tradition” with this gem:


Last year, I followed suit with this fun interactive card:  (the photos show the what is displayed as you pull the tag down)


I love to make my man smile.  LOL.  This year was no exception!  I used the new “Beautiful Ride” stamp set from the Stampin’ Up! Occasions mini catalog.  For the inside, I had to try and make the little feet.  It wasn’t easy.  But worth the laugh in the end!  (You may want to open up the pictures to see the detail better)


I hope all of you had a fun Valentines’ Day too- even if your crafting was more modest-like. 🙂

Stampin’ Up! Valentines Day Card

This weekend is a fun holiday for giving cards, and here is a simple card I made using products from the Stampin’ Up! mini catalog!

20160211_234948 (2)20160211_235011 (2)

I also had some fun with this thinlits die from the Party Pop Up set.  I love anything 3 dimensional. 🙂

20160211_234708 (2)20160211_234806 (2)20160211_234845_resized (2)20160211_234853 (2)20160211_234850_resized (2)20160211_234836 (2)

Have a Happy Valentines’ Day!